Havana for Charity

We’ve been having a conversation with our colleague Laura about Havana’s organization and how they could really benefit from our support. We decided to dedicate space on our website for Havana here.

Who’s Havana anyways?

Woof, I am Havana, a greyhound, and I am in training to soon help people with diabetes (type 1) notice and thus treat especially low blood sugar levels as early as possible. My big family of seven siblings and I were rescued from a township in Cape Town, South Africa. One of my sisters and I were then taken in by “Honey’s Garden For Medical Alert Dogs SA”, the first NGO in South Africa to train medical service dogs.

Woof woof! I live with Laura, a Project Manager at MSS, and I am collecting donations for my cause! Whoever can support Honey’s Garden in my name, donate here. Every little bit helps so I can continue to receive support until the end of my training. Many thanks!

If you’d like to find out more about me and my NGO Honey’s Garden you read about us here.

Donate via GivenGain – Donate in EUR, USD, GBP

Donate via BackaBuddy – Donate in ZAR


When time is of the essence

When time is of the essence, please feel free to contact us by email, info@msskapstadt.de, or phone us at 0530 224 593 040.

So many words…

Translators and proof readers have suspected it for a long time: The German language simply has too many words. Nobody can know them all. Wolfgang Klein, director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, agrees with you: In his report “Wealth and Poverty of the German Language”, he comes to a surprising conclusion. The German language has “5.3 million lexical units – i.e. words as they are found in a dictionary”. (more…)

Xhosa and Zulu

The MSS team has always prided itself in celebrating a multitude of languages and cultures. Towards the end of 2014, the team proudly added two more languages to their in-house team. “Djavo” and “Sawubona” can now be heard in the morning, as the two new project managers greet the team in their home languages: Serbian and Zulu.