Our freelancers are scattered all across the world. For us, they’re just as much part of the team as our colleagues in Cape Town.

We prize the quality and reliability our freelancers provide when they carry out their assignments. They in turn prize the interesting projects and regular work. Together, we enjoy the friendly relationships and straightforward communication across the continents.

In-house freelance transcription job vacancy

We’re also looking for native German speakers to assist us with a freelance in-house transcription project at our Roeland Square offices in Cape Town. We look forward to hearing from you!

Freelance transcription job vacancy for Home-office

We’re also looking for native German speakers to take over regular freelance transcriptions for work from home-office, during office hours, after office hours on weekend, when and as your time allows. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently seeking freelancers to serve as:

  • Professional DE-EN and EN-DE translators for medicine and pharma, legal texts and technical documentation
  • Professional DE/EN-FR and FR-DE/EN translators for all fields
  • Professional ZH/JP-EN/DE and EN/DE-JP/ZH translators for all fields
  • Experienced EN/DE transcriptionists for all fields
  • Experienced subtitlers for all fields
  • Professional or experienced linguists in many other language combinations and fields

Here’s how you join our freelance team:

  1. Application: Send your cover letter and CV to recruitment(at)
  2. Test: You receive a small test assignment we ask you to complete to test your skills.
  3. Feedback: You receive feedback on your test assignment.
  4. Acceptance: After you successfully completed the test assignment, you will sign our Non-Disclosure-Agreement and thereafter we will add you to our database.

Currencies in which we pay:

MSS Cape Town has a bank account in Germany, Europe, maintained in Euros, and a second bank account in South Africa, Africa, maintained in South African Rand.

  • As a freelancer in Europe, you can conveniently bill your services in Euro as usual.
  • As a freelancer from South Africa you can be remunerated for your services in Rand.
  • If you have a USD account (in the USA, on PayPal) we will gladly accept your invoice in USD.
  • In all other cases we will gladly accept your invoice in Euro.

Any questions?

If you have any other questions for us about freelancing jobs, please send us a message.