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If you have a large volume to translate and a tight schedule or a rather limited budget, where a human translator cannot help, Neural Machine Translation, NMT, offers the solution.

Did you know

that many of the pristine translations which you encountered, have most likely been Machine Translated? Everyone, by now, has come into contact with Machine Translation (machine based translations, or MT) – knowingly or unknowingly. This is because Neural Machine Translation has now become a very popular and pretty established solution for both the corporate and the private sector. Today, meticulous Machine Translations can be seen everywhere, without you even blinking an eye! You might be doubtful on the range and accuracy of MT use. And yes, you are right.

Machine Translation has limited use

Range of MT:
Many texts are rather difficult to percept or translate by a human native translator, let alone a machine. Literary work for example. Literary work consist of such a very distinct, and often strange language, and contains numerous metaphors and fine nuances, which regularly makes it very challenging even to native professional translators. Another example is corporate language. Corporate language typically comprises many specific terms, abbreviations, and jargon, that will require a human-based translation.

Language combination:
Some language pairs simply cannot be a subject of correct machine-based translation - until now at least. This will probably change in the future, as Neural Machine Translation advances.

The advantage of MT is clear

Now, it is made known that Neural Machine Translation cannot compare to Traditional human-based Translation in all circumstances, but one cannot deny that the advantage of NMT is painstakingly clear:

Content per time unit.
If you’ve done translations for your business in the past, you will know that a human professional translator can typically translate up to 2000 in one day over a longer period of time. Compared to that, NMT can translate over 2000 words in under one minute, and indeed much more.

If you have a large volume to translate and a tight schedule and are nearing an important deadline, where a human translator cannot help, NMT offers the solution.
Your time budget would not be the only component to benefit from opting for an NMT, as your cost budget would reap the benefits thereof as well. Many industries who previously had little room in their budgets for traditional human-based translations, are now embracing NMT’s in full force, as it often cuts their time and costs by great portions.

The content-per-time-relation makes Machine Translation inexpensive, and hence the only solution if budget prevents a human translation.
Furthermore, and very important for so many industries: neural translations by a machine and traditional translation by a professional translator are not typically acquired by the same budget. For instance documents for marketing or for customer support (Sales) versus documents for Human Resources/internal communication (HR). Where different budgets and priorities prohibited translations into many or all desired languages in the past, MT now leads to new opportunities. “New Buyers”, industries or areas that previously had no or limited budget for translating documents have now access to less expensive translations and providing their communication material in many more languages. This opens doors and offers new ways. It is an opportunity for embracing MT.

If it is time and/or costs which prevent you from acquiring a top-notch translation, then NMT is the only solution.


Machine translation is much faster than human-based translation

Automated translation can be your solution if limited time prevents a human translation

NMT allows for translating for lower cost

Machine translation is the only solution if limited budget prevents a human translation

Machine translation typically ensures higher quality through consistency

Machine Translation can result in higher quality since spelling or concentration mistakes won’t happen

MT allows for translations for new industries, new divisions, more options

MT can inspire, give a new and different point of view

Quality of Machine Translation

Quality: No doubt: the biggest fear is quality. Will your translation be good? Will native speakers recognize it as a machine translation, maybe even laugh about it? Yes, one may be weary of the quality of an NMT in comparison to that of a translation by a professional translator. However, through Machine Translation Post Editing (Machine Translation PE or MTPE), by a native professional translator, one can ensure a clear-cut translation which would capture the essence of the source text by all means. Besides that, you can “train” the machine. Same as you would train an employee with giving feedback, feedback loops for MT are equally possible: by feeding the machine previously translated content and approved material, so-called translation memories, or by correcting new translations, the machine will learn an adapt future translation output based on the received feedback material and you can hence ensure similitude between corresponding materials.
One very important aspect and a win for machine translation is accuracy. Accuracy with regards to consistency and correct spelling. Even professional translators err. A machine doesn’t. They will provide consistent translation within documents and within larger projects. Same input, same output. Consistently. On top of that, spelling mistakes or concentration errors will not happen to machine.
Last, but not least, MT can give a new and different point of view. It can be inspiring. Human translation can be used in a more high-level translation and for human linguistic works.

The future of Machine Translation is imminent!

The world of digitalisation and is moving fast - and MSS Cape Town is moving with it. Reach out to us for a quote if you are interested in receiving a pristine Neural Machine Translation of your text. We offer Machine Translation Post Editing for many texts, from actionable quality to publishable quality. Before we quote you on Machine Translation Post Editing, we need to have a look at the nature of the source text and also the source language and target languages you desire. If the content and the language combination allow for Machine Translation Post Editing, we will gladly give you a quote for price and turnaround time of your translation. Whilst MSS Cape Town offers “bulk translation” for low-cost, we will – at least for the foreseeable future – only offer Machine Translation including Post Editing by a human professional translator since machine translation is never perfect and the translator must intervene.

Still not convinced? Think of traditional to digital photography.

We previously worked with film, photography took many films, carrying several cameras with black-and-white film, and colour film, and different ISOs etc. It needed developing, hanging, drying... re-developing, and just a lot of skill, experience, dedication and time. Now photography is mostly done digital. It allows for decent photography, at a fraction of the effort, the time and the cost. The traditional photography still has its place, and it is still second to none when it comes to top-notch quality, and only a photographer who knows how to use light can take really good photographs without the help of digital. However, the advantages of cost and time and hence opening this field to so many, has changed the world of photography completely – if we like it or not. We believe, the world of translations is on a similar path, opening new doors to a whole new world of communication.

Machine translated text is a viable alternative to traditional translation.

Machine translated text is a viable alternative to traditional translation. Machine Translation is a very cost effective way of translating large volumes of content. Automated translation provides faster turnaround times and cost savings. Automated translation requires high quality human post-editing to edit, modify and correct the pre-translated text.

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