Language projects for tourism

We don’t want to rub your nose in it, but we live in the world’s most beautiful city. There’s no doubt about it. Tourists are as much a part of our daily lives here in Cape Town as Table Mountain is. But we’re nevertheless well aware that there’s more to tourism than sun, sand and sunburn.

We support international hotel chains, city marketing agencies and tour operators in their daily work through our language projects.

Product description translations or image campaigns in several languages, coding your latest customer satisfaction survey, or even translating your Ts & Cs – we understand that your copy provokes emotion, whilst also needing to reflect reality. And that tourism might look easy, but behind the scenes, it’s seriously hard work.

As one of the world’s top travelling nations, there’s no doubt that Germans are a great target market. We translate the content from your international partners for the home market, but also German texts into various other languages.

We have connections all across the globe. And not only because we ourselves love travelling and meeting people, but because we have a top quality recruitment manager on the team!

You can take it for granted, of course, that your assignments will only be fulfilled by native speakers.

Nevertheless, every assignment is reviewed by a second translator or transcriptionist and given the blessing of our project managers before we send you the finished article.

Our six-eyes principle has stood us in good stead for years now.

Here are the areas where we support our tourism customers:

Tourism – products and prices

  • English to German or German to English from 0.12 euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.13 euro per word
  • English to German or German to English from 0.13 euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.14 euro per word
  • Professional voice-over (studio) prices vary according to the specific requirements of individual projects and languages.
  • Prices for recordings in the language of your choice start from 350.00 euro for a length of 1000 words/10 minutes.
  • A rate of 0.15 euro to 0.40 euro per word applies.

Price for voice-overs include a synchronised recording on the basis of a script with time stamps.
An additional surcharge may apply for the preparation of the script.
For a simple voice-over, we charge from 100.00 euro minimum and 0.10 euro per word.

  • Information texts in English/German from 0.09 euro per word
  • Advertising texts in English/German from 0.14 euro per word
  • Minimum order per subject and language: 100.00 euro

We require a specific briefing to prepare a concrete quote for copywriting projects. Prices include proofreading by our quality management team.

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, hyphenation

  • German and English from 0.019 euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.022 euro per word

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and syntax. Acceptable quality of original text is a prerequisite for acceptance of your order.

  • German and English from 0.025 euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.029 euro per word

All translation and transcription prices include proofreading and quality control. Possible surcharges for jargon, express delivery and language combinations apply to all products. A minimum price of 50.00 euro will be charged for assignments with small volumes.


Effective 1st January 2022

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