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You need high-quality subtitling for your video, done by professionals who know their stuff. That's why you came to us and didn't try your luck with automation only. That was the right decision. We make subtitling easy by creating captions for your explainer videos, YouTube videos or brand videos. Fast. Simple. Accurate.

Audiovisual Translation: We take care of the entire subtitling process for you, from transcription, translation, to the actual creation of the captions with synchronisation and also, if desired, the embedding of the subtitles into your videos, also called hardcoding.

You provide the video and we deliver the subtitle file, or even the new video. Simple, fast, accurate.

We also create the subtitles for you if the transcription has already been done.
We also do the embedding for you if the captions have already been done.
We also create the subtitles for you in the form of audio descriptions for those with vision impairments or hearing impairments.
Bilingual Transkription: We are also happy to transcribe your video directly into another language. This is cheaper than a traditional translation. If the texts are subsequently to be used for subtitling, it is important whether or not the text should be shortened and by how much. While the actual captioning incl. spotting (time-stamping) can also be carried out later, shortening what is spoken or smoothing the sometimes very “bumpy” speech makes best sense directly during the transcription process.

The three steps briefly explained once again:

  1. Transcription: Transcription of the audio file. Monolingual in the language of the video or bilingual, directly into another language.
  2. Editing/Synchronisation for subtitles: The preparation of the transcript for subtitles, the so-called captioning, also including editing and cutting (spotting) according to given conventions (e.g. BBC or Netflix subtitle conventions for film/TV).
  3. Embedding: Embedding or hard-coding of subtitles into your video, should this be desired, also possible in several languages all at once.

Tips from our media experts that you can follow and that are important for high-quality subtitling.

  • In which format should the subtitles be delivered? (ass, srt,...) Or should the subtitles be fixed into the audio file?
  • Do you have specifications for spotting (determining and timing the start and end of the subtitles) or for font, font size, number of subtitle lines/characters, etc.?
  • Are there any special features that need to be taken into account, e.g. image/video format is not standard?
  • On which device/medium will the final video be played?
  • What should the subtitles be used for, e.g. brand videos for YouTube or social media, or for your company's own website, for the intranet for your colleagues or for exhibitions, explanatory videos for e-learning, etc.?
  • In the case of bilingual transcription and subtitling in several languages, e.g. are different videos to be created with hardcoded subtitles, or one video with different subtitles to choose from?


We apply the native speaker and six-eye principle: Each process of subtitling directly into another language is done by a native speaker and checked by a second native speaker. Our project managers take over the final quality control.

With us, you will always find what you are looking for. We have subtitling experts in (almost) all languages of the world, whether EU languages, Mandarin, Russian, Telugu, or Xhosa and Zulu. We are connected all over the world.

You will always find what you need with us. Whether you need audiovisual translations for your video in 1 or 27 languages, or subtitling according to BBC, Netflix or company-specific conventions, audio descriptions for the hearing impaired or visually impaired, we're happy to help and great at it.

You don't have to worry about anything. In the case of a subtitling project, we take over the creation of the transcript for you, then produce the subtitles, or captions, and, if desired, hardcode directly into the video afterwards.

With our bilingual subtitling services, you get three in one: transcription, translation and simultaneous captions. This saves you time and money compared to a traditional audiovisual translation.

Not only do we work accurately and reliably, but large volumes can be processed by several linguists simultaneously. In this way, we also meet tight delivery deadlines for your audiovisual translation.

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