General Enquiries

See below for general products and prices.

  • English → German or German → English from 0.12 euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.13 euro per word
  • For translations in specialised fields, separate prices apply (please see our Areas of Expertise)

All prices include proofreading and quality control.

In German and English

  • Interview transcription (two to three participants): 1.59 euro per audio minute
  • Paraphrased transcription of interview: 1.39 euro per audio minute
  • Group discussion transcription (five to eight participants): 1.69 euro per audio minute
  • Paraphrased transcription of group discussion: 1.49 euro per audio minute
  • Dictation: 1.29 euro per audio minute

Separate prices apply for transcriptions in other languages and specialised fields.

Shortened (protocol style)

  • German → English and English → German from 2.95 euro per audio minute
  • Other language combinations from 3.59 euro per audio minute

Detailed (word-for-word)

  • German → English and English → German from 4.95 euro per audio minute
  • Other language combinations from 5.49 euro per audio minute
  • Basic detailed transcription from 1.99 euro per audio minute (level of detail in line with Simplified Dresing & Pehl Transcription System)
  • For the inclusion of further aspects (including mood/atmosphere and other non-verbal input), an additional surcharge, starting at 0.25 euro per minute, will be charged. Your specific requirements regarding the transcription guidelines apply
  • Very detailed transcription from 3.95 euro per audio minute (level of detail in line with GAT Basic Transcription)

Specific prices for detailed transcriptions upon request, after receipt of audio sample.

Prices for transcriptions include a quality check by our quality management team.

Prices are for transcripts of easily understandable audio files with consistently good sound quality and normal speaking speed. Prices are subject to our capacities, jargon, dialect and language combinations.

  • Coding to German or English from 0.29 euro per designation
  • Coding to other languages from 0.35 euro per designation
  • Minimum price per language 100.00 euro
  • Minimum price per code plan 60.00 euro
  • Professional voice-over (studio) prices vary according to the specific requirements of individual projects and languages.
  • Prices for recordings in the language of your choice start from 350.00 euro for a length of 1000 words/10 minutes.
  • A rate of 0.15 euro to 0.40 euro per word applies.

Price for voice-overs include a synchronised recording on the basis of a script with time stamps.
An additional surcharge may apply for the preparation of the script.
For a simple voice-over, we charge from 100.00 euro minimum and 0.10 euro per word.

If subtitling is preceded by a transcription, our transcription rates apply

  • Creation of subtitles (e.g. line and page breaks) is
    from 2.50 EUR per audio minute for classic brand/explainer videos (top quality, little text),
    otherwise 3.50 EUR per audio minute.
  • Preparing the subtitles (such as line and page breaks), including editing und summarising on the basis of given conventions (e.g. BBC) from 4.50 euro per audio minute
  • Information texts in English/German from 0.09 euro per word
  • Advertising texts in English/German from 0.14 euro per word
  • Minimum order per subject and language: 100.00 euro

We require a specific briefing to prepare a concrete quote for copywriting projects. Prices include proofreading by our quality management team.

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and hyphenation.

  • German and English from 0.019 euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.022 euro per word

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and syntax. Acceptable quality of original text is a prerequisite for acceptance of your order.

  • German and English from 0.025 euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.029 euro per word

Text entry/data capture from paper-based templates or picture templates, data research and data enrichment from existing address data.

  • In German and English from 0.02 euro per word/number

Prices for text entry/data capture include a quality check by our quality management team. Depending on the format and the number of documents, surcharges may apply.

  • Anonymisation by insertion of random text, e.g. “XXX” - Price on request
  • Anonymisation by replacing the fact with predefined text/pseudonyms - Price on request

For exceptionally urgent orders, please contact us directly and immediately by e-mail (incl. the file or an excerpt thereof) and by phone, so that we may react immediately. In general, we process orders within a few hours or overnight; receipt or delivery of your file outside our business hours is also possible. An early notification concerning your projects is always helpful. However, we also try to process ad hoc orders quickly and effortlessly for you. The cost depends on the volume, advance notice and required turnaround time.

All translation and transcription prices include proofreading and quality control. Possible surcharges for jargon, express delivery and language combinations apply to all products. A minimum price of 50.00 euro will be charged for assignments with small volumes.


Effective 1st January 2022

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