Market Research Language Projects

Time is money, and both are in short supply. You’re in market research and you’re quick on your feet – we know. We don’t mind keeping up.

Our customers include some of the largest market research firms in Europe and some global players. Data privacy, objectivity, precision faced with tight delivery schedules, and a fair cost structure are important to you. We can offer you all of that.

Focus group discussions (FGDs) with ten participants, interviews (IDIs) with simultaneous interpretation, or surveys with several thousand responses – we transcribe, code and translate at your tempo and under flexible conditions.

You need support with long-term projects or large volumes of work? We’re especially good at these. We’re well connected and work in a range of different languages.

It’s a given, of course, that your assignment will be completed by native speakers. Our recruitment management takes care of that.

Our bilingual transcription service covers two bases at once, saving you time and money: a Frenchman speaks about his first outing in the new car; we listen in French and write in English. Just like that.

We know that the fruit of our labours won’t necessarily stay within your office, but may be forwarded by you to the end customer. We won’t let you down – we’ll make sure you keep your deadlines and have quality work to deliver. Never fear.

Here are the areas where we support our market research customers:

Translation of survey questionnaires or interview guides for your fieldwork into any language.

Voice-over - we convert text into speech. We execute voice-over projects for survey respondents that cannot read, for instance, audio avatar-web-based surveys among children.

Transcription of in-depth interviews (IDI) and group discussion (GD). Summaries of interviews.

Bilingual transcription of interviews straight into the target language (simple, fast 1-step process).

Coding of responses to open-ended questions in Excel or SPSS or your preferred software. Coding of interviews in MAXQDA.

Translation of final presentations for the end-client. Translation of survey results into another language. Retranslation of selected open-ended question responses for the presentation.

Anonymisation - our proofreaders anonymise your files and ensure that personal data disappears from the screen.

Market Research – products and prices

In German and English

  • Interview transcription (two to three participants): 1.69 euro per audio minute
  • Interview transcription minutes-style: 1.39 euro per audio minute
  • Group discussion transcription (five or more participants): 1.79 euro per audio minute
  • Group discussion transcription minutes-style: 1.59 euro per audio minute
  • Automated transcription with quick quality control: from 0.79 euro per audio minute
  • Automated transcription with fine quality control: on request, depending on the audio quality.

Separate prices apply for transcriptions in more than 30 other languages and specialised fields.

Bilingual directly from one language into another language.

Smooth Verbatim (smoothed out / lightly summarised, in full sentences)

  • German - English and English - German from 3.29 euro per audio minute
  • Other language combinations from 4.49 euro per audio minute

Clean Verbatim (word-for-word, without filler words)

  • German - English and English - German from 5.49 euro per audio minute
  • Other language combinations from 6.49 euro per audio minute

Classic human translation by a professional translator and a professional reviewer

  • English → German or German → English from 0.13 euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.14 euro per word
  • For translations in specialised fields, separate prices apply (please see our Areas of Expertise)

Machine-generated translation with manual post-editing by a professional translator (MTPE)

  • Light post-editing / quick review by a professional translator (contextually correct, comprehensible text): from 58 % of translation price
  • Full post-editing / precise review by a professional translator (thoroughly comprehensible and stylistically correct text): from 78 % of translation price

All prices include proofreading and quality control.
Translation using translation memory systems (TMS) to adhere to client-specific terminology, ensure consistency and save time and costs on texts and text modules that have already previously been translated.

  • Coding to German or English from 0.25 euro per designation
  • Coding to other languages from 0.29 euro per designation
  • Minimum price per language 95.00 euro
  • Minimum price per code plan 59.00 euro
  • Writing of reports (desk research) in German or English: from 0.15 euro per word
  • Anonymisation by insertion of random text, e.g. “XXX” - Price on request
  • Anonymisation by replacing the fact with predefined text/pseudonyms - Price on request

All translation and transcription prices include proofreading and quality control. Possible surcharges for jargon, express delivery and language combinations apply to all products. A minimum price of 75.00 euro per language and product will be charged for assignments with small volumes, with an exception of 60.00 euro for transcriptions in German and in English.


Effective 1st February 2023

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