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We convert text into speech. It might sound complicated, but with us it’s not.

You have a written text that needs to be recorded for e-learning training such as educational or instructional videos, for an audiobook, telephone call handling message or promotional video.

You’ve probably already got your own private idea of how it should sound in the end. We make sure that other people hear that, too.


The choice is yours. Along with our voiceover quotation, we’ll send you a number of voice artist demos by email. You decide which voice artist would suit your project best. If none of them suits, we’ll keep looking.

You set the tone. Whether male or female, newsreader or comic book hero voicing, a British accent or a Bavarian dialect, we’ll ask you the right questions so we can identify the right man or woman for your voiceover project together.

We’ll always find what you need. Regardless of whether you need your text recorded in one language or 27 different ones, we’ll find the right artist in every language.

Your text is recorded by native speakers. It may well be that everyone is used to English spoken with a German accent, but no one wants to hear it. Unless that’s what you really want. In which case we’ll make an exception.

You don’t need to worry about anything. For voiceover projects, we produce the recording script for you, translate it into every language required and then finally record it. All we leave you to do is add the audio track to your finished project.

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