Bilingual Transcription Bilingual Transcription

You have an audio file that needs to be transcribed and translated. How wonderful that we have this service in a convenient one-step process!

There is no longer a need to first transcribe the file, and then only translate it. Our bilingual transcribers can translate the audio files they listen to and write the translated text down immediately.
Send us your audio or video recordings and we transcribe them into the target language of your choice. We’ll follow the transcription standards and parameters we’ve discussed together precisely.

Whether it’s a once-off interview or a major ongoing project – we’ll make a plan together that suits your schedule and budget.


Capitalise on optimisation: With our bilingual transcriptions you get two services in one – transcription and, at the same time, translation. This way you save time and money.

Because we exclusively use mother tongue speakers who have experience with your industry jargon, we get the accurate meaning of the bilingual transcription every time. And then we have it checked by another mother tongue speaker. Nothing escapes us.

Large volumes are handled by several team members simultaneously. This way we achieve not only precision and reliability, but we also keep to deadlines, even the tightest ones.

We don’t shy away from strong dialects, specialist topics and background noise. Your bilingual transcription is carried out by members of our freelance team who won’t mistake peritoneal dialysis for ‘parrot Neil to dialyses’. Our transcriptionists work with current transcription software (e.g. F4) in order to guarantee compatibility with your data analysis software (e.g. MAXQDA).

Putting “Unclear” dents our pride as transcribers. Your transcription is checked over by us a second, third and fourth time so we can make out unclear passages. Our quality management makes this possible.

Do you need a transcription as the basis for video subtitles? We provide the text in the appropriate format.

Your data is safe with us. Send your files securely via our FTP server, a VPN client or your favoured means of data transfer.

You can find out what fields we specialise in here.

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