How it works

You want to know what your project with us looks like? Have a look here:

You discuss your project with your personal project manager, by phone or by email. What language is the text to be translated into? What transcription standards should be followed? What tone of voice should the text have that we’re writing for you? And when does it all need to be ready by? 

Once you’ve received our quotation by email and provide confirmation, we’ll get going. 

In order to meet your company's individual conditions, we gladly work out a framework agreement, either for the duration of specific projects, for one year or several years.

We identify the right translator, transcriptionist or copywriter for your job. We deliver the finished product on time, if not sooner. It’s simple.

We only let people at your job if they have ample experience in the subject matter. That’s something we care about deeply. Your files and texts are treated completely confidentially. That’s something we care about just as much. 

Sometimes speed is of the essence: just call us, tell us about your project, and we’ll find a solution. Depending on the length of the text or file, we may be able to complete your assignments in just a couple of hours. With us, urgent jobs still get top quality treatment.