Banking and Finance Language Projects

Numbers are unambiguous. They’re your natural language. We understand that. But sometimes a task needs a few words after all. That’s where we come in.

If you’re a bank or credit institution, an insurer or investment firm, you’ve come to the right place. Transcribing the minutes from analyst and investor conferences (investor relations), translating press releases, or producing text for bank clients and sales partners – just let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

We translate your annual report into several languages so your colleagues in offices overseas can see how well your business did, too. If you get in touch with us again the next year, we’ll put the same translator on the job. They’ll already know the lay of the land.

Our writers understand the complexities of banking and finance contexts. They know how to make facts and figures accessible as well as accurate in brochures or web copy.

We’ll only let people who are familiar with banking and finance work on your assignment. Our colleagues, translators, transcriptionists and writers are either from banking and finance themselves, or have gained the necessary specialist knowledge over many years.

And it’s a given, of course, that your assignments are always completed by native speakers.

Trust is really important in your industry, and it’s top of our list, too. Our team in Cape Town and our freelancers, too, are bound by German data protection regulations. Your files, texts and figures are safe with us. We promise!

Here are the areas where we support our banking and finance customers:

Banking and finance – products and prices

  • Flat rate of 100.00 euro per message (maximum two A4 pages or 800 words)
  • Each additional word: 0.14 euro
  • Six hours maximum processing time – notification in advance is required
  • Specialised translation in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from 0.14 euro per word
  • Comparison of the terminology with the reports of previous years
  • Price from 0.14 euro in German and English
  • Price from 0.16 euro from German or English into other languages
  • Transcription of conferences: 1.89 euro per audio minute in German and English
  • Fast turnaround time of 24 hours (for conferences with a duration of up to two hours incl. Q&A session – notification in advance is required)
  • Live transcription of webcasts: from 1.99 euro per audio minute in German and in English
  • Fast turnaround time of 30 minutes after end of event (for live conferences with a duration of up to two hours incl. Q&A session – notification in advance is required)

For exceptionally urgent orders, please contact us directly and immediately by e-mail (incl. the file or an excerpt thereof) and by phone, so that we may react immediately. In general, we process orders within a few hours or overnight; receipt or delivery of your file outside our business hours is also possible. An early notification concerning your projects is always helpful. However, we also try to process ad hoc orders quickly and effortlessly for you. The cost depends on the volume, advance notice and required turnaround time.

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Translations into other languages
  • Data capture
  • Maintenance of news portals
  • Virtual assistant

All translation and transcription prices include proofreading and quality control. Possible surcharges for jargon, express delivery and language combinations apply to all products. A minimum price of 50.00 euro will be charged for assignments with small volumes.


Effective 1st June 2018

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