Language projects for legal texts

Anyone who ever sat in a law lecture knows that legalese is a language all of its own. Most people would have run straight out of the lecture room.But not you. You stayed right there. And as a language agency we know what you heard. We can speak it, too.

We support tax advisers, solicitors and anyone reluctantly coming into contact with legal texts in their communications internally or with third parties at home or abroad.

Translating contracts and legal reports, editing data protection requirements ortranscribing your regular dictations – your clauses won’t frighten us off. We love them.

We’ll only let people who have ample experience with legal texts close to your assignment. Our colleagues, translators, transcriptionists and writers either hail from the field themselves, or have gained the necessary specialist knowledge over many years.

It’s a given, of course, that your assignment will only be completed by native speakers.

Normally we think of things this way: language is a living thing, and there’s always more than one way of translating any individual text. But for you, it’s different. Contractual language is unambiguous, and vaguely writtenTs& Cs wind people up in a hurry./span>

So with legal texts, we take a look a little closer. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll have to wait any longer for your assignment. We dohigh quality work on urgent jobs, too./span>

Our team in Cape Town and our freelancers are bound by German data privacy regulations. Yourfiles, texts and figures are safe with us. We promise!

Here are the areas where we support our customers with legal texts:

Legal texts - products and prices

  •  English to German or German to English from 0.13euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.15euro per word
  •  English to German or German to English from 0.15euro per word
  • Other language combinations from 0.17euro per word
  •  Legal dictation (German and English) from 1.39 euro

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and hyphenation

  • German and Englishfrom 0.018euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.022euro per word

Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, syntax. Acceptable quality of the original text is a prerequisite for acceptance of an order.

  • German and English from 0.024euro per word
  • Other languages from 0.029euro per word

All translation and transcription prices include proofreading and quality control.
Possible surcharges for jargon, express delivery and language combinations apply to all products.
A minimum price of 50.00 euro (for transcriptions and translations) or 35.00 euro (for proofreading, editing and, text entry/data capture) will be charged for assignments with small volumes.

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